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Are you interested in getting your brand in front of a bunch of WordPress enthusiasts? Perhaps you just want to give back to the WordPress community?

As part of the WPAustralia agreement the WordPress Perth meetup is able to cover the cost of pizzas once a month thanks to WPAustralia’s generous National Sponsors. The meetup venue is generously donated by Spacecubed.

Fortunately, there are still ways for local businesses to be involved with meetup sponsorship – and that is to provide drinks for one of the meetup events. This is something the meetup team are not able to do under the WP Australia sponsorship agreement, but Spacecubed does permit us to bring along drinks if we wish (assuming we are drinking responsibly). Typically, meetup attendance is between 20 – 50 people, so we typically recommend a budget of approximately $100 – $150 for a single event.

How does Sponsorship Work?

As the meetup is a small, local group, it does not have a bank account. The meetup is 100% managed by volunteers, as are all WordPress Meetups globally. As such, it is difficult for us to invoice sponsors! If you are interested in being an event sponsor and providing drinks, we typically request that you purchase the drinks directly rather than reimburse us. Spacecubed have a long-standing arrangement with the local Liquor Barons, who will happily provide delivery to the venue with enough notice.

What do I get in return for Sponsorship?

In return for your sponsorship, we’ll give you an opportunity to introduce yourself at the start of the meetup, the option to have your pull-up banner displayed, and you’ll get a shout out both during the event, in the leadup, on Meetup.com, and on our socials. As a general rule, meetups are limited to the same set of guidelines for sponsorship as WordCamps (WordCamp is the name of an official WordPress conference). You can view the example list of items we can include in a sponsorship package on the WordPress.org website.

Who Can Sponsor?

As our meetup is part of the official WordPress Meetup Chapter program, we are also bound by the rules put in place by the Foundation to protect the WordPress community. You can read the full list of Sponsorship Rules on the WordPress.org website. In a nutshell, anyone is welcome to sponsor as long as they don’t make unprovable claims (e.g. ‘the best e-Commerce plugin), follow our code of conduct (which includes non-discrimination and no hate speech, spamming or jerks), respect the WordPress trademark, and embrace the WordPress license.

If you’d like to explore sponsoring an event, please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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